TIBCO Spotfire: A comprehensive primer

Book Cover
The book
This book began as a project to show people how to use the Spotfire API, which I believe is, on the one hand, a really powerful tool and unique feature of Spotfire and, on the other hand, extremely difficult for the uninitiated to navigate. The API guide became Chapter 8, alongside more general coverage of Spotfire's features. The book also presents some of my ideas on self-service analytics, bringing the focus back to the API because it is this very feature that positions Spotfire very strongly as an exemplary environment for implementing self-service analytics and business intelligence.

My intention (and hope) is that the book will help a novice user to become competent quickly with Spotfire, but I also included enough advanced material to challenge the reader to deepen their engagement. The more advanced chapters in the book might interest readers who already consider themselves experienced Spotfire users but who wish to extend their skills into scripting and advanced self-service analytics.

The author
I have worked as a research biochemist, a general science editor, an IT generalist, and a business intelligence analyst. I currently work as a director of product innovation at a large clinical trials contract research organization, focusing on clinical informatics and advanced analytics.